Nerima City Accessibility Map Safe Travel Map

The Nerima City Accessibility Map (Safe Travel Map) is an online map
that provides information on accessibility of facilities and train stations
within Nerima City so that the elderly, persons with impairments,
and those with children can go out in the city with peace of mind.

Icon List

Equipment icon list

Displays accessibility equipment as easy-to-understand icons (pictograms).
Select an icon to check facility information.

Route from road to main reception area

No Steps
Passable by wheelchair



Restroom facilities

Ostomate *1
Multi-purpose bench
Multi-purpose restroom

Infant facilities

Baby spot
Diaper changing station
Kids’ restroom
Nursing area
Baby chair


General parking
Parking for wheelchair users

Other facilities

Hearing Loop*2
On-site cafe / restaurant available
Rental conference room available
  1. An ostomate is a person with an artificial anus or bladder in the abdomen for excretion of waste.
  2. Hearing Loop is equipment that provides hearing assistance for persons with auditory impairment. By using a hearing aid equipped with a magnetic coil, users are able to hear only the desired sounds/voices as audio signals.

Facility, etc. icon list

Facility types are displayed as icons to allow for easy searching.
This lets you check facility information by looking at the displayed icons.

City hall/Municipal office/Branch office
Library/Cultural facility/Lifelong learning facility
District community center/Regional meeting place
Sports facility
Childcare support facility
Hatsuratsu Center /Keirokan
Other health/welfare facility
Other municipal facility
Public parking
Public office, etc.
Hospital/Medical facility
Commercial facility
Educational institution
Travel route
Audio traffic signal
Train station